Thursday, March 22, 2012

5 Question Friday

1. If you were free to just hop in the car and drive, where would you go? Or, if you could hop a plane and go anywhere, where? I would jump in plane and visit my hero. I would bring him fresh sheets and a clean pillow. I would love to see what he is doing, what he is eating. I actually dream about visiting and how I would be treated.

2. What's your most recently read favorite book? He heard Hannah, I wrote about it. It was an amazing book.

3. What's your favorite Spring Break memory? My favorite memory was planting our garden last year, digging in the dirt in the cool weather. I was expecting a HUGE garden. We bought so much stuff that I just knew it would take up half of yard. It was honestly half the size of our smallest garden.

4. What do you put in your child's Easter basket? Or, for those w/o kids, what was put in your childhood basket? We stopped doing Easter baskets several years ago. We do give the kids a gift. We were given a gift and so we do give them a gift.

5. Do you get a summer haircut? I do not; I have had the same hair forever. I do keep the boys hair cut really short. I love fresh haircuts. I love seeing everyone fresh out of the salon with no dead ends.


Tami McCoy said...

It's amazing how much you can actually fit into a garden sometimes - other times it seems like there's no room for anything.

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