Friday, March 9, 2012

Letters to my Hero

Dear Hero,
Your dog, your dog woke up at 3:30 this morning and was acting weird. So I woke up and let her out. Crawled back in bed after checking to make sure you had not been on line. Then I noticed the time and got back up to let the dog back in. I tried hard to fall back asleep before the cat came in our room. This dog refuses to let the cat in our room. So she growls and barks and jumps and barks some more. I about killed them both last night. Then at 6am she was ready to go back out. I think it is because I left our bedroom window open.
Oh how I wish you were here. A certain little boy was allowed to watch TV in our room this morning. When I told him he needed to come out of our room, he told me he had too much to do. Now he is walking around with his head hung down. He keeps walking through the living room hoping I will say something.
Oh and because I took this picture of Grace yesterday wearing 18 month shorts she is back in them. She even slept in a pull up last night with those shorts.
Good evening! Guess what I am watching? Shark Tank, do you remember us watching this on our weekend. I just happened to be clicking around and found it. Tonight is someone who cooks pancakes. The kids are in bed and I am heading there soon. I know it is early but I am tired today.
Kerri’s dad made it home today. It was so cute, I had her setting in the chair answering questions. I said Kerri how old are you and she said “it’s my daddy”. I acted like I did not hear her and she said it again. So fun and I am so glad he is home. Abby loved all over him which thrilled me. I like to see that she is not mean to strangers. Today when Hope went to check the mail she stood by the door and waited. It was the cutest thing ever.
I love ya babe, and hope you are getting plenty of rest.


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