Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letter to my Hero

Dear Hero,
Oh what a day it has been. I bet you thought I was nuts. So I took the camcorder to Best Buy and guess what they did not have a battery. I looked at camcorders and just knew I wanted a flip cam. They are so cute and look fun. The only problem is they do not have zoom. So I bought the next thing. I honestly left with this purchase but was not excited. So the first e-mail I sent you explained which one I bought.
Then I saw a batteries plus. You did not say I needed to go to batteries plus but I stopped. They had our batter for $60. So I bought it and e-mailed you again saying I bought it.
Then I decided I should explain the differences between the old and new camcorders. What I thought about them. So you received a third e-mail.
Then we drove to the girls running program. As I was driving all I could think was we are in a great spot financially and why did I just spend $275 on something we did not have to have. So I wrote you a fourth e-mail. Can you imagine if you were in town? I would have been calling you every 5 minutes. Oh wait, no I would not have, you would have been here to decide what to do for us.
I miss you, i guess I do not have to keep saying it but I do and saying it makes me feel better. Jason has dressed up like a soldier for the last 2 days. He will not take his costume off.
Oh and in case you were wondering I paid $3.70 for gas today. Oh and it was 78 degrees. It was beautiful.
Oh and one more thing. Grace has taken great pride in the fact that she has worn James 18 month shorts all day. These are button shorts not even elastic. She is crazy thin. Sometimes I still worry.
Oh yeah one more thing, well maybe two. The dog just jumped on my laptop and ripped off my W key. Do you know how often W is used? Did they give you ambien when you were flying? A friend said they gave her husband ambien so that when he got home he was well rested.
I love you babe and I am heading to bed, yes with that stinking dog.


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