Sunday, March 18, 2012

Military Monday

This week I was setting on my front porch talking on the phone when the Fed Ex lady showed up. I thought she was delivering something else. Then she looked at me and said someone is getting pretty flowers. I was shocked. So I opened the package while still holding the phone and cried as I read this:
I do not have a clue who they are from. I cried, who would do such a sweet thing for me. If you sent me flowers please know that they are beautiful several days later. They are setting on my kitchen table so that I can constantly see them. And you picked out a great vase because it is square and I do not have any square vases.
Thank you,
marine parents


htmlgirl said...

That is such a sweet idea, I think I might steal idea this for a friend of mine when her hubby deploys again. 

Jamie said...

That is so sweet.  What a beautiful surprise. 

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