Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Letters to my Hero

Dear Hero,
Your children are a mess, a real mess. I wish you could see what goes on in this house.
Let’s see first I woke up this morning and picked up the sitter at 6:30 to go to the doctor for that lovely yearly exam (except it has been seven years). I took Michael with me. I arrived and they told me I did not have a appointment. I told them oh yes I do. It took three different clinics but they finally fit me in. I said who in their right mind would come in for this without an appointment. The doctor was so nice and did not give me a hard time for not using birth control. That was a major change.
I came home and we got everyone ready for the running program. We were driving down the road and Grace started up chucking. You know how I feel about it. Well apparently Hope is a lot like me because she was worse than me. She was practically climbing to the top of the car trying to get away from her. She kept screaming “she’s still doing it, mom she is still doing it”. As if I should punish Grace. We made it home and she continued until 11pm. But last night we layed in bed snuggling and chatting. She told me that you are closer to heaven than me because you are older. Then she continues to tell me how beautiful heaven is going to be and about the streets of gold. It was kind of fun to stay up talking with her.
Just when I thought she was asleep and we were okay she jumped up and upchucked again. Then when she was done she told me she was glad I was getting a new cell phone case because mine now had upchuck on it. Oh Rob I need you home.
I love you,

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Jen said...

Oh no! Sometimes I wonder how the clinics here still have patients they are always messing up. I hope your daughter feels better!

Jennifer Y said...

I'm so sorry!  Hope you have a better day.

Michelle from Honest & Truly! said...

Ohhhh I love those days. Orrrr not. I am with your daughter on the upchucking. I simply don't do it. Can't do it. Thankfully mine are not upchuckers. Here's hoping every day since then is getting better and better!

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