Saturday, March 31, 2012

If i would have won

What would I do if I won the mega jack pot?If I would have won the mega millions what would I have done.
This is not a post where I am going to say I would donate it here and here. We all know I have charities I love. Today I am going to be totally selfish and tell you what I would love.
First NO MORE DEPLOYMENTS! Yes, I screamed that one. I cannot imagine having a life where the next deployment or move did not seem right around the corner.
So what would change? Well first of all my husband and I would be able to spend more time together. We would hire a travel agent to help us. I want to take my kids and travel the world. Talk about homeschooling 101. I would take someone like my friend Kim who is brilliant so she could educate us on everything we were seeing. I could see us traveling months every year together. Oh the camp outs and van rides. Okay scratch that I would definitely hire someone to drive the kids while my hero and I went in a limo.
Now onto my house, I would have the kitchen of my dreams. A kitchen with two ovens, mega fridge and a real pantry would be first on my list. I would have someone help us clean it up daily. Now onto the living parts, I would have a family room with comfy couches and a big TV and a reading corner. Then a more formal living room only it would be comfortable not fancy so when adults come over we have a place we can set without setting on legos. I would have 8 bedrooms. That seems weird, I cannot imagine 8 bedrooms. Maybe I would not want 8 bedrooms. I think 6 bedrooms. Let’s see 2 little boys, 2 little girls, 1 big boy, 1 big girl, 1 guest room and one for my hero and I to share and a good size guest room. Did I mention we would have more than 2 bathrooms? And most importantly we would have closets. Real closets with shelves that do not fall off the wall, dressers without broken drawers. I do not want a huge house or fancy features (except in my kitchen). I want a home. A home we can enjoy together. An outside area that we can play in and enjoy together, a in ground trampoline.
I would get to have morning devotions with my hero. Date nights with my hero.
What would not change? Being together, I cannot imagine anything not wanting me to spend more time with my kids and hero. I would still homeschool except I would hire a tutor to help me and oh what about a school room. It would be awesome to have a real school room. My hero would be able to teach math to my children. They may have a chance if dad teaches them math. I would still cook most of my own meals. Oh man, I could cook all day and try new foods and then just give it away with no guilt of using our grocery budget. If I saw something in a store I knew someone would like I could just buy it. Now that sounds like luxury to me.
I would want to live in the country with a lake where my hero and kids could fish.
I want enough land that my mom and mother in law could build a house. I would love to live closer to family.
How would you spend the money? What would you change or not change? Would you even play the lottery? We do not normally play the lottery? When we travel we have a habit of picking up scratch offs in different states. I do not know why but we do.
**Speaking of winning, it is not to late to enter my Chick-fil-A give away right here.


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