Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have lost my mind

Okay, I am seriously losing my mind. A couple of days ago I got a message from a friend saying she was moving to Huntsville. Could I suggest a good church and……
I got so excited; I am going to have a friend close by, a friend I really like, a friend with two little boys. A friend I have a lot in common with.
So this morning I go to church and ask around about good churches. We go to a small church on post and I know she would want a bigger off post church. Write everything down.
So tonight she writes on facebook that she is moving. I write back that I am so excited and cannot believe that we will be able to have dinner together soon. In my head I have made a hundred and one plans.
Then she drops the bomb. She said “Pam, are you moving back to Huntsville?” WHAT, you said you were moving to Huntsville not Fayetteville. I was in tears, tears that she would not be moving to my town, tears that I am so silly to read it wrong.
So sadly my friend is not moving to Fayetteville and will not be close to me. She is moving to Huntsville. They will love her and she will love Huntsville. As for me, I am going to go to bed early. Maybe I need rest or maybe I need more friends to move to Fayetteville.
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Justanothertiredmommy said...

Oh--what a disappointment for you--I'm sorry! As for the losing of the mind, I am starting to think that I didn't actually LOSE it...I just never HAD it...! I am linking up from the Thoughtful Thursday Blog Hop--have a good weekend!

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