Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stray cat

This cute cat has been on my porch off and on for weeks. I feel so bad for it because it looks like it is not healthy. My neighbor in the subdivision, said she has fed the cat too. It drives me batty because he is super friendly. I think he has been with a family. I just do not understand why people leave there animals behind. My cat really likes this cat. But there is no way this family needs anything else to take care of.
So what do you advice for my family to do with this cute little cat that needs a home?


Christephi said...

There are lots of feral cats in our neighborhood, but every now and then we get abandoned pets too.  We make it our responsibility to find a good home for the poor creatures.  (We can't have a cat 'cause we're all too allergic).  Craigslist, public bulletin boards at grocery stores and libraries, etc.  If it's been abandoned, the owner has given up its rights to the cat and it's your duty to find it a home (in my humble opinion).  We've given some really friendly ones away to thankful families (and even a few less friendly ones to farmers who need a good cat around).  You might also see if there are any no-kill shelters in your area who can relocate the kitty for you.

htmlgirl said...

Take it to the vet and see if it has a microchip. And keep in mind some owners don't purposely abandon their pets! My cat got loose from our window (pushed out the screen) and I spent hours each day for weeks trying to find her without any luck! I do agree that it is a major problem on military installations because it does happen a lot that people abandon their animals, just don't assume that's always the case. At my last duty station, they had pest control which would come pick up the strays. Just keep the animal away from your other pets until it can be checked by a vet.

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