Monday, March 12, 2012

My children are keeping secrets

My children are not perfect but they are mine. They keep me hopping, they drive me batty, and they make me smile. I love them. I love hearing the stories they come up with. The stories of what happens when I am not with them.
Let me tell you I am about to start putting in surveillance in my house to watch what happens when I am not in the room.
Recently I was told by my 6 year old that her sisters ages 9 and 11 have been stretching her. One takes her arms and one takes her legs and they pull her. The thought it would help her get longer if they stretch her.
We have a no feet on furniture (if you are wearing shoes) policy. So I was surprised to find my 6 year old with her feet on the coffee table and her hands on the couch lifting her body. I asked her why she had her feet on the table. She said her brother (age 15) taught her. Apparently he has been putting his feet on one kitchen counter and his hands on another and lifting his body.
I am curious if anyone else’s children do weird things when you are not looking.
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Kristy Stevens said...

Haha I enjoyed this post... Mine don't do weird things when I am not looking their weird in front of my eyes haha

Nessa said...

oh my two year old does the strangest things... I guess as they get older the strange things just get more creative.

DGMommy said...

Mine do all sorts of crazy things! You have a beautiful, inspiring blog.  I hope your husband stays safe and you stay strong.
Found you through Bassgiraffe's hop. 

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