Sunday, March 4, 2012

Letters to my Hero

Dear Hero,
I am so sorry, it seems like I hardly write you anymore. The days seem to run together. Nothing bad just crazy busy.
We have had a good week. I babysit for Lindsie and Jeremiah last night for a couple of hours. When they picked up the kids things went fun and wonky. Jeremiah took about 20 minutes to wrestle with the kids. They had so much fun. I wish you could have been here to hear the laughing and giggling. Wait, if you were here then Jeremiah would not have needed to wrestle them to the ground.
The kids are doing well. I think we are finally over the sore throat stage in our house.
I noticed yesterday James has a new molar on the bottom left. That explains the runny nose. This morning Jason looked outside and was worried that Abby could not see to walk around the yard because of the fog. It is really thick this morning.
Would you believe I have left Michael and Hope sleep until 9am this morning? Everyone went to bed by 9pm. I figure if they are sleeping they must need it.
The girls have their running program today. Did I tell you I found someone to run with both of them? I have to be honest and tell you I am a little disappointed in the program. I think I thought it would be more physical. It is my fault for not researching it more. The girls are loving it!
I love you baby and cannot wait to talk to you.


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