Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Letter to my Hero

Dear hero,
We had a good day. I lost it with the rental property management but they got it figured out.
The kids had a great day. Hope and Grace did well in school. I mean better than normal. I got laundry put away. I also found a couple boys to get the back yard in shape. I am excited to get it done and be able to enjoy the yard. I think I made it sound like more work than it is. I just know I do not want to stack the wood but I want us in a good starting spot for summer.
Today I was snappy with you on the phone and I am so sorry. I have got to get better about walking outside when you call.
Okay, this is going to sound crazy but the phone just rang. It was someone from scouts. She said instead of her boys getting paid to come and do yard work the troop is going to come over on Saturday and do yard work for us. I was and am in tears.
I had so much to say but right now I am going to head to bed. I cannot even think I am so in awe with thankfulness and amazed at others generosity.
I love you,


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