Monday, December 6, 2010

Military Monday

Good wonderful morning ladies (are there any gentlemen). I am Pam, a proud Army wife to my Hero. He has been in the Army for 18 years. It seems like every time he hears me telling someone how long he has been it is wrong. Time is fly. It is hard to believe he could be retiring in 2 years. Nope, not happening. He will do at least another 10 years. As a Warrant Officer he could stay in until he was 60. I said honey by then you will be pushing a walker during formations. I have no clue how long he will stay in. Part of it depends upon how fast he can get his degree. Slowly but surely is how college classes go. It also depends upon how many more deployments we can handle. We have done 7 in 17 years. I do not know how many more my heart can handle.
I am so excited to know that this year my hero will be home. He has missed way too many holidays and birthdays. So this year we will celebrate together. We did not have anyone over for Thanksgiving this year. We just enjoyed being together. It was wonderful just to relax and have no time line. And the fact that my hero does 99% of the holiday cooking makes it even nicer.
If your hero is not home this year my family would love to send him a Christmas card or a birthday card. We would also like to send your children a card for Christmas or their birthday. Please just send me there birthdays.

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