Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1. This weekend I have been in a funk and I cannot figure out why. I have thought through it for hours and cannot figure it out.
2. We have a new pastor at our Chapel and this morning he preached an amazing sermon about Let Go and Let God, I will talk more about that later
3. This week we had snow flurries and instead of letting the kids play in it I had them carry wood to the deck and by the time they were done it was sleet raining. I felt horrible.
4. Last Friday I was able to go on a date with my husband courtesy of Chili’s, now I have a giveaway for you.
5. I am done Christmas shopping except for my husband which I will order tomorrow.
6. My son had part of his toe nail cut out this week, so glad my hero was home to take him because I would have had to leave the room.
7. One day a month ago there was a mini funnel laying under our coffee table and my husband thought it was my Diva cup.
8. My five year old GIRL decided to urinate on our welcome mat by the back door instead of coming inside. I may lose my mind.
9. I love that we are constantly using the fireplace because I burn those pictures and drawings that my little ones give me. This is neat because they will never find them in the trash or hidden in a drawer, does this make me a bad mom.
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Kerrimann17 said...

The funk is running a muck in our ladies circle, too - what is wrong with us?? We don't know either!

Flip flops & pearls said...

KIK @ the diva cup!! That is too funny!! Hopping over for MM. Hope your day is great:)

Flip flops & pearls said...

oops...that was suppose to be LOL....not KIK.... :)

sixcherries said...

that is a good idea about burning your child's pictures and drawings. at first thought many people may think that it is a horrible thing, but i have six children and if i kept every little thing they did, i would need a warehouse to store all of it. I usually take a picture if it is something I would like to remember and do occasionally keep very special stuff. the rest goes in the trash. out of six children, i have a small drawer that holds everything that i have saved. that's it! if it grows beyond the drawer i will probably get rid of some stuff.

Kelly said...

Oh how I wish we had a fireplace! How clever of you to burn the drawings. I am that mom that has saved everything (my oldest is 5) and I'm just now realizing that it's impossible between Sunday School and regular school. I threw a few random drawings out the other day and my son got so upset. I felt horrible! The fireplace would totally solve that problem...except that we don't have one (or need one living in FL)! I hope you get out of your funk quickly. For me, it's the chaos of the holidays and recovering from some pretty bad leg injuries...major funk going on!! Visiting from MM - your kids and blog are adorable!

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