Sunday, December 5, 2010

My favorite Christmas ornament

First, let me say welcome to my little blog. I really enjoy blogging it is like scrapbooking daily (or when I have the chance). I am Pam and I am married to Rob who is commonly referred to as my hero. My hero because he is a soldier with seven deployments under his belt. Because he loves me no matter how mean or hateful I have been. Because, he has given me four precious blessing. I enjoy sewing, although I cannot do much more than a straight line. I enjoy scrapbooking and card making although it has been a year since I have done either. I also love cooking and baking. I do have to say my husband is probably a better cook. I also homeschool our children. We are a house almost full of children, a dog, a cat, 2 guinea pigs and 2 gerbils. There is always laundry to be folded and bills to be paid but you know what? I would not change it for anything.

Now, let’s get back to the blog hop. My tree is one of those trees. You know the ones that are not personal and everything matches. One day I am going to regret not keeping all my kids homemade goodies.
My favorite ornament hangs on my front door. It is actually a group of ornaments. Every year we pick up the holiday ornament for whatever duty station we are at. It is a great reminder of where we were those years. For some reason it brings back memories of the people we have met and the places we have been. I wish we would have thought to do it earlier in our military life.

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Tonya said...

That's a great idea! I never thought of picking up a holiday ornament from our previous duty stations. But maybe I can start now and get some friends to catch me up with the other ones! :-)

Have a nice day! Visiting from the Wives of Faith Blog Hop!

Pattie said...

Great tradition! I need to make sure to get one from this duty station.

Kelley said...

What a very cool idea! I wish I'd thought of that. We're now on our last duty station, so too late to start now.

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