Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Grown -Up Wish list

I had not listened to this song in a long time.

So what would my adult list be.
1. That all of my fellow military spouses who are sleeping along tonight would feel loved and cared for and that they would have peace tonight and be able to sleep.
2. That all of our soldiers who are deployed would know that they are loved and prayed for. That we respect them and are appreciative of them.
3. That all of the children of deployed soldiers would know it is not forever, that there daddy (or mommy) loves them even when they are not home. That others appreciate what they are doing.
4. That there would be no more children who are hungry tonight, that for whatever reason they are hungry will be changed.
5. That the children who are being abused will feel loved tonight and that they would feel safe.
6. That the wives who are being abused would know that there is help out there that it is never their fault and there is a future without abuse. That hearts can be mended and changed.

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Johnnie Collier said...

God bless you and your family. Thanks for the reminder of what matters. Great blog. I am a new follower from today's blog hop. I am looking forward to reading more. I hope you can come check out my new blog hop Thrifty Thursdays.

Beth said...

This was beautiful. I especially like #3. Children need to know if their mom or dad is away that they love them.

Pattie said...

What a beautiful list.

Jessicacrow said...

Beautiful post Pam!

Lori said...

AHHHH!! This is my favorite song, well, one of them, but I was just humming it tonight and then I saw it on your blog! Thanks for the smile :)

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