Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday 5

Happy- I am happy that there is a fire going in the fireplace because it is freezing outside.
Giddy- The thought that my hero is home this year for Christmas makes me giddy.
Grateful- I am so grateful for my first sponsored giveaway. I thought that would never happen. You can still enter it right here.
Joyful- I am joyful for my new energy, for my lack of pain and that my foggy brain is a thing of the past.
Gleeful-I am gleeful that my birthday was amazing and that I will have leftover cheesecake to eat tomorrow for breakfast.


Nicole said...

All great things! I really should do a link up thingy...I need to ask my friend first! it was her idea and she has the button, but she hasnt been keeping up with it! LOL! :)

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