Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 things I love about the military

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Ten things I love about the Military
1. The way my husband looks in that uniform, not just that he is hot because he is. But the way I see the pride in his eyes when he has on his uniform.
2. The support, I never worry that we will go hungry, we will always have a income to support our family.
3. I love how no matter where you live army wives are like sisters, it does not matter if they are a navy or marine or army wive you know they understand what life is really like
4. I love the insurance, after having several high risk pregnancies and then a preemie who spent 6 weeks in the hospital that insurance has more to me than I can explain
5. The opportunities. I do not think I would have ever been able to visit other countries if we were not in the Army.
6. I love that the military allows us things like being able to use USAA, I have never seen better customer service. I do not worry about my money, I do not worry about my insurance coverage .
7. I love the army because well honest it has helped me grow closer to the Lord, I am daily reminded where to get my strength from and where to look for it at.
8. I love the Army because it has made my marriage stronger, it has forced me to become my husbands best friend. To lean on him because he is the one person who will never change in my life.
9. I love the military because it is teaching me to raise strong children who understand change and life.
10. I love the military for the freedom it gives me, the freedom to have as many children as I want, the freedom to home school my children, to shout to the world WE SERVE A RISEN SAVIOUR AND HE CAN GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND SO MUCH MORE

I have really enjoyed this blog carnival and met some amazing military wives. It has been such a encouragement to see that others have had the same struggles and the same blessings that our military family has. Please check out there blog to see about all the things they offer to military families.
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Pattie said...

What a great list! So glad you've joined our blog carnival!

Jessica said...

This is a GREAT LIST!!!!
I agree with #7 so much

thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a great day!

Kathryn said...

Wow these are some great reasons! We actually listed a lot of the same too! Thanks for sharing!

Tara said...

Only another military wife would understand that list you put together...LOL! I'd like to add: Only another military wife would understand the need to "kiss" your stuff when you get your HHG after not seeing your own BED for two months while waiting on it to arrive stateside.

I'll be in those shoes again in a few weeks. Well...the not sleeping in my own bed part of it. Sigh...but you are right...I am SO glad my dh has a job and he DOES look awesome in his uniform. I like that I can take my kids to the doctor without worrying about the cost of meds or visits.

PS...thank you for checking in at my blog . I found you through Household6Diva BTW.

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