Saturday, May 8, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
I think everyone is asleep. I so want to be cleaning so I wake up to a clean house but I think I am going to go to bed early. I know I say that every day. We had a great day. I decorated the cake which in the end turned out okay. I will have hundreds of little flowers in the freezer for months. The garden party was fun. The girls had a blast. They had a fashion show for the girls, Grace should have been first but she clammed up, it was really cute. Then she walked up with Faith and when she found out that she would get a prize she perked up. The girls enjoyed the food. We ate real rose petals. You dip them in egg and then coat in sugar. I may have to try it because they were really pretty. We came home and had burgers for dinner. The girls were thrilled. We do not have any plans for tomorrow. I thought the time change for church was tomorrow but it is not until June. Oooh, I talked to a lady who lives in the subdivision behind us and she said there was a bear in her yard last year. A BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine?
I did not get pictures of the kittens today but I did hold one. Mama cat let’s me touch them now and so when she was out of the room I picked one up. So cute and I am pretty sure it has long hair. My spa cake came today from Sweet Baby Cakes. I am so excited to use it although it is so cute I hate to take it apart.
I had a dream last night that Faith had a child at 14, it was so scary and realistic.
I love you baby and promise to not be upset if you cannot call tomorrow.


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