Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kitten update

Kittens, who would know I would think they are so cute. This morning they had their first check up. They all way within a ounce one way or the other of one pound. ONE POUND, so stinkin cute. We left early. Momma whined all the way there. They came in and weighed them and showed me they have teeth already. Then the DR came in to talk about Bob (really we are NOT naming them, I must say this a hundred times a day). He says that he is a swimmer and that it is fairly common in kittens and puppies. The treatment is that you tape his back legs closer together. He said that I should see improvement soon but definitely better by the time we go back in 3 weeks. The thing is I have to put the tape back on if it comes off. Can someone tell me how to pull off tape without fur?
They already have teeth and the DR said I could start to make them milkshakes of water, milk and blended up cat food. I will try that soon. He said we need to make sure we love on them. He also said I need to be putting them in the grass and sunshine. We will go back in 3 weeks for their second dose of worming meds. He also said that I could make signs with pictures and post at all the local vets to help spread the word. The plan is to keep them until they are close to 12 weeks


Kathryn said...

Oh my goodness, they are too cute!!

SailorWifey said...

My kitten looks just like the one in the first pic....soooo adorable.

SmtmsAlwys said...

Too cute!! Glad Bob is okay.

I gave you an award. Just stop by my blog to get it. http://visitourcrazyhouse.blogspot.com/2010/05/award-life-is-good.html

Michy said...

Kittens are my favorite!!! I'm a little curious about your story though. I NEVER took a kitten to the vet until he was old enough to begin shots. (When is that? 7-10 weeks old?) Is there something unusual or wrong with these kittens, that they had to go to the vet at such a young age?

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