Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not me Monday

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Not me, has it already been a week, another whole week. It has been a wonderful week.
This week Hope did not drop a HUGE MEGA bottle of soda on my foot at the store and then say “it is okay because it was my soda not my mom’s to the clerk”. This would not happen because for one she would have known how bad it hurt but the fact that I could not breathe. And second it was not me who was buying soda for my children. We have a strict Friday night only drink.
It was not me who became teary eyed when I watched Brookes and Dunn sing there last song tonight. Especially since I do not even listen to country music anymore (well maybe sometimes when no one is around).
This week it was not me who bribed her children to stay outside longer by offering ice cream so I could finish up school with the other children. I would never do that.
It was not my son who wore pants with a hole in the bottom today, it was also not my daughter who wore her sisters shoes to church and then realized they were broken. It was not me who did not notice this was going on.
It was not me who spent the entire weekend sewing instead of cleaning my house.
This morning when my son was bugging me it was not me who told him to go mow the grass not realizing it was only 6:20 AM. It was not me who went out 20 minutes later to find him mowing the grass in the rain. It is also not me who is in fear of her neighbors being upset that we were mowing grass at 6AM.
It was not my daughter who used one of her daddy’s tools to cut her hair and then hid it in the garage trash can.
OOH MAN, it is not me who just realized I do not think my kids had dinner tonight, did they have PB&J or was that yesterday. I would always know these things
So tell me what you did this week that you would not like to admit.

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