Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful that I can officially tell you DH is in his final location and he is settled in as best he can be.
I am thankful for this picture
See my son had to have blood work this morning just to make sure a medicine he is on is not causing any problems with him. No big deal for most people. But let me tell you a story. Two years ago my husband took my son in for VACCINES and it ended up something like this.
My husband lay over my son and another man held my husband down. My son bit through my husband’s BDU shirt and t-shirt. When they were done they told him they were done. As soon as they let him up he went running through the clinics screaming how the Bible says you should not vaccinate (do you see what he was there for) and that this place was hurting children. He did not care to open rooms where appointments were happening. They called a code something and a bunch of men came running. They chased Michael until he was cornered and then escorted him out of the hospital. So needless to say today was scary. He said he did not need me to go back with him so when he went back the girls and I took hands and prayed and I sat there in tears until he came out. No problems. He did it on his own. Well with the knowledge I was rewarding him if he did well.
I am thankful for my husband and other soldiers (like the 20 who were in the lab watching us pray) who fight for our freedom so we can do things like pray in public.
I am also thankful for these precious kittens who are growing stronger everyday and who now hiss at me. It is so stinking cute. They still hide under my bed but I expect them out soon.


veterankindergartenteacher said...

Good for your son and you are so right about us not taking it for granted that we are allowed to pray in public. I am so thankful for men like your husband. I am keeping him and your family in my prayers sweet lady,

Tara said...

Praise the Lord that your son was able to go through with his bloodwork without a problem.

God is so good.

Those are kittens are DARLING. I wish I could snuggle one and hear one hiss too.

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