Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday 5

Well hello sneaky little day of the week you..

One day it's Wednesday..and voila..the next, it's Thursday!

Today's the day where we (those of us that want to) post 5 things that have made us

Joyful- Joyful that my children are happy and healthy and that I serve a risen Saviour

Giddy- I am Giddy about my new I Phone, now if only someone can teach me to use it.

Excited- I am excited about my new camera lense because I will be able to take a ton better pictures.

Thankful- Thankful that for now my foot does not feel broken, it hurts and has a small bruise but really I do not think it is broken.

Jubuliant-I am jubulant that my husband was on line this morning and he is doing well. Speaking of which I would love it if you would click on letters to my hero and leave him a word of encouragement in the comments


Just plain ol' happy this week!


Julie The Army Wife said...

So nice you got to talk to your husband :) What lens did you get?

suzanne said...

Just gave you an award over at my blog!!! I am working on your sewing machine cover too!! You are going to love it!!

trooppetrie said...

I do not see the award but I am grateful and I can not wait to see the sewing machine cover. I have been working on skirts and pillow case dresses for my girls .

trooppetrie said...

18-105 Nikon, I think is what I got. I have not had a chance to really play with it but i will tonight. Rob thinks he willl have internet in his room when he gets back to it. he is on training right now

Suzanne said...

I have your sewing machine cover done!! It turned out great!! Email me you address and I will send it off!! And I would love ANY camera strap!! And if you wanted to donate one to the Blogmania on my blog - I will add your info to my blogmania site!!!!

mannmom3 said...

I love my iphone! You're gonna love it..and it will be your new bestie..seriously! ;-)

Woohoo for a new lens..I'm all about new lens' fun!

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