Monday, May 3, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
First let me say I love you and miss you. Today has been a great day. I got the electric and water company paid. I figured out the passwords and such. I called the bank to make sure they had our right address. Then called your mom to tell her she would not be getting anymore mail. She told me some exciting news. She said Angela had a baby boy yesterday. Okay if you have picked your jaw up from the ground then I will tell you mom and baby are doing well. She said your dad is doing good.
I have seen the kittens a couple of times today but did not even try to touch them. The kids got school done at a decent time. Although Faith did the same math problem TWENTY times, I thought I would die. Oh and in case you have not had a chance to read my other post from today you should know that Hope and Grace have been urinating in the backyard. They made themselves little potty chairs out of sticks and pine cones but they assure me they are not touching them. I wonder who taught them to do such a thing.

It is 7:10pm and Michael has been asleep for almost 30 minutes and the girls are on their way. Michael put himself in bed. I wonder if he is growing because he has done this the last few nights. I am glad they are getting in bed early because we have to leave the house before 7am to take Grace to see her new pulmonologist. She is so excited. Thank you for calling me this morning and telling me where you are? I promise I went right back to sleep which is really weird for me.
I love you and cannot wait to tell you how her appointment went. If anything it is in a area we have not been before.

I love you baby and hope to talk to you soon.


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