Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pour out your heart

What has been on my heart recently? A lot, I know you see me write my hero every night but you do not see how life really is.
Everyday my children say something that rips my heart. My youngest came to me the other night after going to bed mommy and said “Mommy, when I close my eyes I cannot see daddy’s eyes anymore”. Yesterday a plane flew over and she said that could be daddy coming home. I said no baby daddy is not coming home today. She was insistent that it COULD be today. She needed me to tell her that it could happen and I could not.
As for me I am doing okay, I have moments daily. Yesterday I saw that military get in free somewhere and then the rest of the family is discounted this weekend and I realized that I do not have a soldier home this Memorial Day weekend.
I feel guilt every time I walk away from my computer because I could be missing that second that my husband may come on line. His time is limited because he is busy so I feel like I need to be here. But then we need to have our lives.

It is not too late to enter my camera strap give away right here.


Jenny said...

I cannot imagine what you and your family are going through...many thoughts and prayers sent your way though!

Julie The Army Wife said...

*hugs* to you. I have been there too :(

shellthings said...

I can't imagine how hard it would be to have my husband be away like that. I live in a military town, so I see it a lot and my heart goes out to you.

Thanks for linking up!

Jessica said...

sending you hugs...I so understand

Rose said...

Awww, I haven't been there, but I know its hard.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Awww Sweetie ... This breaks my heart! I will pray for you and your precious family! Thank you for the sacrifice that each of you is making for us!

New follower. Found you through PYHO. Grabbed your button for my collection.

jenn said...

aw! my three yr old son does the same thing about the planes! "is daddy on THAT plane?" {hugs}

Lori's LOLz said...

Thoughts are with you and your family for your husband's qucik return. Thank you for your service to our country.

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