Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nikon 18-105

Last year Rob bought me my Nikon D40 that I had wanted forever. Then I dropped it and broke the lens. So we went to a local camera store and bought a new lens it took great pictures but you have to be at least 6 feet away which means basically you can not be in the same room with someone. So he ordered me a new lens off line. It comes and takes decent up close pictures but would not take pictures across the room and it was not auto focus. I was constantly changing lenses. So we talked to everyone we know and stopped strangers at the zoo and said what Lens do you have?
This week I received my Mother's Day gift for Rob. It is a Nikon 18-105. I can get up close and father away. If I wanted to take like baseball field pictures I would probably still use the other lens but for in the house this is so wonderful. I am so excited. All of the fol lowering pictures were taken with the new lens. I set in the same place and took pictures zoomed in and out. I think I may be in love. There is a shadow on a picture but that is because I forgot to take off the sun protector. At least I think that is what that thing is.


mrinali sharma said...

The reason why I like Nikon 18-105mm f/3.3-5.4 lens personally is that this lens provides a useful focal range accompanied with image stabilisation mechanism that too with consistently sharp images, and is moderately priced (though I am not a big fan of Zoom lenses because of distortion). For people on budget and seeking a versatile focal range, this lens is a no brainer choice specially when its available for such a low price as a kit lens. If you wish you can read more at about this lens.

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