Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roxie Dean -- A Soldier's Wife

I heard this video on Julie the Army wife's blog and could not wait to let you hear it. Here are the words. I think this song may have been written for me.
A Soldier's Wife
Roxie Dean

A Soldier's Wife

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Breaking News from a desert town
Smoke and rubble on the ground
The names we do not know right now
And it cuts me like a knife

With a tearful goodbye kiss
I sent him off to this
But I've gotta stay strong for our kids
I'm a soldier's wife

I run the house
I sleep alone
I live for e-mails
And the phone calls home
I tell my children he will be all right
And I hope it's not a lie
I'm a soldier's wife

We do the things we used to do
Go to church, go to school
But you could drive a truck right through
The hole that's in our lives

My little boy shoots me a grin
And says he wants to be like him
And I feel my heart start caving in
I'm a soldier's wife

Sometimes I'm angry
Sometimes confused
I live and die by
The evening news
But I tell my babies he will be all right
And I hope it's not a lie
I'm a soldier's wife

I pray for strength
I pray for peace
I pray that he comes home to me
And if you would please pray for me
I'm a soldier's wife.


Julie The Army Wife said...

It really is a wonderful song.

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