Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not me Monday

What a week. It has been such a blur that I did not even keep a list to post this week. I do remember a few like how I did not wait until the last minute to go to the restroom and have to leave the store in a hurry confusing my daughters so I could go potty. I know how important it is to not do this to your body and would never wait this long.
Speaking of bathroom talk it is not me who is totally contemplating doing a whole blog post on my new love. What is that new love, it is

But then again I know that is probably a little too much information to discuss.
It was not me who after roasting because I am too cheap to turn on my air conditioner who then left her oven on ALL day by accident. I of course make sure I check the oven when I am done cooking.
Because my husband is deployed to a war zone it was not my husband whose last words to me this week were not things like “can’t hold it anymore, gotta go” or
“my final words to you are I love you”. He would never say can’t hold it anymore because he too had waited to long to go to the restroom. After seven deployments he most definitely knows to make his final words count. It was not me who spent hours thinking about this.
It was not me who first refused to touch the kittens out of fear and then got too hand friendly and made mama cat so mad she has hidden her kittens. I knew better and would never have done this. It is also not me who runs to look at these precious babies every time mama cat is out of the room.
I hope you enjoyed this Not Me Monday. I do want to take a minute to say thank you to MckMama for doing this blog carnival. But I also want to thank her for the wonderful video we won on her blog. My children have enjoyed watching Craniums Ark on my laptop several times.


mia said...

Aww...the joys of making the house feel like a sauna. I too have done this =)

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