Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 5

Post 5 things that have made you






This week I was thrilled to win a spa cake and can not wait to show you the pictures when it arrives. I was jubilant to hear that my husband would have a desk job in Iraq this time. I was Ecstatic to hear that my son is doing well in counseling and they see improvement.
I was elated to be able to help a friend who is dealing with some of the same things we are. While it breaks my heart that she is going through this, I am so honored that God put her into my life and that I can be there. There is nothing worse than feeling all alone with your problems
And although I have yet to hold and love this little creature. I am happy he/she is under my bed and growing


lindseylu said...

Pam, what great news to know your husband is at a desk job! I remember the feeling I had when my DH got a desk job during his deployment and I was SO excited. Ofcourse, my DH thought it was SOOOO boring, but I was so much more at ease knowing he was just answering phones and emails :) I will be posting the giveaway for the camera strap tomorrow. I finally got mine on the camera and I love it!

mrandmrssmith920 said...

Stopping by for Thursday 5! THANKS to your husband for what he does and so glad he will have a desk job!

Love your cute blog! :) Happy Thursday!

mannmom3 said...

I've never heard of a spa cake..and yay..big time your Man for getting a desk job..:-)

Happy Thursday!

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