Sunday, May 9, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
Today is Mother’s Day so the first thing I want to say is thank you for making me a mommy five times. You are a amazing man and I love you.
Thank you for calling us this morning. It made my day.
We had a good day. We went to church and then decided we were going to the movies. So we returned the books to the library. You may laugh but I ended up going off post and then back on to find the library. Then we walked around the PX for a while trying to waste time. Then I took the kids to the playground. While they played I cleaned out the van. Then we washed the van and vacuumed it out. Then we went to the movies. We saw Diary of a wimpy kid. The movie was good (I know we already saw it) but the popcorn was horrible, burnt and dry. I should have returned it.
Then we headed home. We stopped at KFC to pick up dinner for me and taco bell for the kids. When I opened my plate guess what was there. CHICKEN LIVER, I was in tears. I guess that is pay back for all the times I told the kids we were having liver for dinner.
Ooh yeah, I did have something gross happen today. All week Grace has told me she is putting her stinky panties in the dirty laundry. NOPE, she was putting them in the basket of clean laundry in our bedroom. Several pairs. I was wondering where they were. Then this evening she stepped in the dirty panties and well let’s just say it was interesting. So we get all that cleaned up and then it happens…..
What you may ask. Hope brings me the half empty bottle of gummy vitamins and says “mom, someone ate all the vitamins”. Then confessed it was her. After a phone call to poison control I know she is okay. What a day. I did get a moment to hold a kitten. I am so anxious for them to come out, although I know that will be a whole new issue with the dog.
I love you baby and hope you get some rest tonight. I hope your subway sandwich was good. SHOOT that is what I should have had for dinner. Then we could have said we had the same dinner and I know it would have been correct. Maybe another day. I love you, good night


S.I.F. said...

Happy Mother's Day lady - 5 times over! And I hope this time away from your hero fly's by!

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