Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Good evening Babe,
I love you so much. I wish you were here with us today. We went strawberry picking. We picked 3 buckets since I know that the season is almost over. I am going to freeze a bunch tomorrow. They had smoothies for dinner. They looked beautiful.
I did not get pictures of the kittens today but guess what the one that looks most like mama is coming out from under the bed now. I will get pictures tomorrow.
Okay, because you know I always have my act together when you are gone I am going to show you a picture of us at Wal-Mart tonight. Do you see what is wrong in the picture?
I did get dishwasher soap made this evening. Tomorow I have got to make bread.
I love you and hope you are on line in the morning to talk to. I cannot wait to tell you how the girls did in the strawberry fields today.

The girls asked me today if we were in the Army what would my rank be, I said President. She said ooh you would be president and dad would be Chief.
Good night babe,
Pamela Petrie


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