Friday, May 7, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
Guess what, Guess what? You will never believe it. This morning Michael brought me his Science to check and it was not only 100% correct but it was a CROSSWORD. I was in tears. He said well I just want to get my work done as if it was no big deal.
Do you remember the picture of the flowers I made last night, well guess what they did not harden and I am totally lost. I have a fan on them now and am hoping by morning they are dry or I will be heading to Sam’s to pick up a cake.
We did not leave the house today and I have to admit not many chores got done. School and me working on the cake. We did order pizza tonight and I ordered myself a sandwich. A hour later Grace walked in here and said what is that and why did you not share. She cracks me up.
I touched the babies today and mama cat knows I did. She did not seem to mind. Tomorrow is the garden party at church I feel bad that I did not do much for the girls hats.
Faith is sleeping in the girl’s room tonight. She has been sleeping downstairs more than not. Did I tell you I got my beautiful Mother’s Day card? Thank you for thinking of me.
I love you babe but I am heading to bed. Can you believe I have been asleep early for the last several nights? I am really trying to make sure we stay rested. I love you, Pamela PETRIE


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