Sunday, May 16, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
Guess what we are FINALLY having our first thunderstorm. I wish you were here to set on the porch with me. Do you remember when we use to set on the car port on Witty lane? I love thunderstorms but am not thrilled it waited until bedtime to start.
We had a great day. Faith and Cheyenne were up until way after midnight but they were not loud so I did not mind. That is what a sleepover is about. I slept on the couch last night in case they decided to get up and move around in the night. I was surprised they were up before 7am. I woke up and started the wings for church. I was going to make pancakes and realized we did not have syrup. Can you imagine us without syrup? Speaking of which, I have decided that I am only going to buy shredded wheat or cornflake cereal. No more fun cereal. The girls and I are really enjoying oatmeal or eggs everyday and I am sure it is better for us.
Lunch went great at church today. We had more than enough food. Before everyone came back to eat I made the kids plates and set them at a back table. I had the kitchen cleaned back up before people started eating so it worked out well. They had a meeting about the changes when they combine services but I did not stay. I wanted to but I was hot and tired and the kids were tired and I knew it was not worth the stress.
We came home and did NOTHING, I even took a nap. It was wonderful. I did not even ask them to do evening chores. I made pork tenderloin and mash potatoes and green beans for dinner. Everyone said it was good.
Okay, I am officially worried about 2 of the kittens. The one that looks like momma cat had both eyes open and now one of them is closed. The light gray one that does not have a tail does not walk as well as the other two. I will call the vet in the morning and they go in on Tuesday to get de wormed.
So the funniest thing happened today. The girls were playing hide and seek and Faith was hiding behind the couch. We kept saying ok, you can come out. She never answered. Finally she said I can’t I am stuck. I only laughed for a few minutes.
Did I tell you that I bought a top piece for our big thing of ketchup? It looks like a restraint one but it works and I am not refilling bottles.
Oh yeah, I am trying to remember to tell you about changes in the house. So I reversed my table and chair the other day. Then I put the lamp on that table. I do not know why but it looks really good. I think I want a chair for our bedroom. You know once we get all the cat toys out of there.
I love you and hope you sleep well tonight.
Love you babe,
Pamela Petrie
p.s. we are under a thunderstorm warning and Cumberland is under a tornado warning. It may be a long night.


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