Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday 5

What makes it even better is that it's Thursday Five..Where we get to look back on our week and and come up with 5 things that have made us..

Happy- I am happy that I have wonderful meme's like this to give something to write about.

Joyful-I am joyful for the Joyful yahoo group I am in that encourages me to stay strong in my Faith and to be a better mother and wife.

Excited- I am excited that I am going to teach myself to quilt, I am excited about my camera strap give away that you can still enter here.

Jubilant- I am jubilant that I figured out what the beeping was and to find out it was the dishwasher not the alarm

Grateful-I am grateful for friends that I can call constantly call for support or just to vent with

Whatever you want..just no bad stuff..


Felicia said...

A dishwasher that beeps, I would so have to dismantle that. Good luck with the quilting I hear it can be quite fun once its all figured out.

jenny said...

I would love to learn to quilt...good luck with that. It is so great that you have a lot of support!

AnOrdinaryMom said...

Have fun learning to quilt!!

mrandmrssmith920 said...

Your group sounds awesome!

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