Sunday, May 2, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Dear Rob,
I did something horrible today, I mean horrible and it is killing me. I decided since I was allowed to touch the kittens I would take one out and take a picture. Well it did not go so well. Not only did the cat quickly try to move the kitten back but she then moved them all where I cannot see or touch them. I am so mad. I want my hands on those babies. I want to take pictures.
I do not know what is going on with the kids but I fought with Michael from 4-7 last night to stay awake. He finally fell asleep and then was up 4:30am. So while he went to bed early Faith was up until after midnight then Hope came to our bed at some point and the cat woke me a couple of times. So when I woke up at 4:30am I decided we were not going to church. I took some ibuprofen if that tells you how bad my head hurt and then we did chores and relaxed. At 2pm I thought the day would never end but now I feel like it just flew by.
I did make a new meal. It was a cheesy, chicken biscuit meal. The girls loved it. I did make 6 burp clothes tonight and a few more camera strap covers. The kids are in bed now. I came out of my room about 4 and noticed Michael was asleep. I about had a fit. He is asleep now and hopefully he will sleep all night. I did use a power tool today, can you guess on what? I have a question, how do I make the TV in the garage play regular TV. Even the kids could not figure it out today. We have no real plans tomorrow. I need to go grocery shopping but it can wait a couple more days. So probably just school. I love you and wish we would have been able to talk today. I hope you got some rest and are settled in. I love you babe.


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