Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letters to my Hero

Thank you so much for calling and talking to Michael today. It made his day. We had a good day. Counseling was almost amazing. I am seeing huge improvements. We went by hobby lobby and picked up my mother’s day gift. I know if you were here you would have gotten me something so I picked me up something extra special. I also told the kids that I would go out Saturday and buy donuts and they could serve them to me Sunday morning.

We stopped at the commissary and picked up things like 15 cake mixes. Can you tell I cannot wait to try out the new pans? I also let the kids buy a venus fly trap. Do not ask why. We came home and finished up school and straightened up a little before bed. We have one appointment tomorrow and then we are going to our first AHG meeting. The girls are super excited. I tried to touch the kittens this afternoon but they are just too far back. Maybe soon, they still do not have there eyes open yet. Ooh yeah we did get to eat several strawberries from the topsy turvy.

I love you babe but I am going to bed early tonight because I am exhausted. By the way I emptied my sent and trash files and got rid of almost everything else and it still says my e-mail is at 93%, any ideas what I can do? I love you and miss you and am heading to bed. Did I say I love you!


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