Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Funniest or Most Embarrassing Military Wife Moment

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This is a story I will never forget. I was at the end of a very high risk, high stress pregnancy. I had gone to the doctor one morning and then headed to my hero's office for a promotion ceremony. So we get there as all the men are already in formation (probably 200 men). The commander and first Sargent comes back and ask how I was feeling. As they walk away my son (then 4) says mommy is that a boy, I said yes Michael. Then in his loudest voice in a room full of men standing at attention who dare not laugh and in a bay that echos he says the words I will never forget. MOMMY, DOES HE HAVE A PENIS? I felt so bad for those men because I knew they were all about to loose it.


Becky said...

oh, that's GREAT!!!!! not for you obviously, but man, that's funny!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Hahahahhaahhh!!!

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