Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not me Monday

It is not me who may be doing some repeats this week because I have not been good about keeping my notes cleaned out. Not me, I am always organized and on top of things.
It is not me who had to call poison control because her daughter ate half a bottle of gummy vitamins. Not me, because I always keep all meds put away.
It was not me who received liver instead of fried chicken from KFC on mother’s Day. Because KFC had to have known what kind of day I was having and that I NEEDED my fried chicken.
It was not me who called ADT this week after hearing a crazy beeping all day from my alarm to be told it was not my alarm. I would never mistake the sound of my dishwasher for the sound of the alarm.
It was not me who almost woke up her children to go out looking for the dog after looking in the backyard and checking in the house. I would never have to do this because this dog has slept under Hope’s bed for 3 months and I know there to look first.
It was not me who threw away bananas this week instead of using them in banana bread (SHOOT) I just remembered I could have froze them. I try hard not to waste food.
My children do not roam the streets or even play outside in our front yard so it was not me who let me kids play outside in the rain. And even if I had let them play outside in the middle of a storm I surely would not let them do so in their pajamas. And if they had done this neighbors would not have drove by and stared and even stopped and stared. I did not refuse to play in the rain with my children because I wanted to take pictures, not me.
Have a great week and please be sure to check out other not me Mondays. They are so much fun and WOW the guilt is gone.

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