Sunday, May 23, 2010

Camers Strap Give away

Hmmm is give away one word or two, I cannot remember tonight. Who cares, tonight I am feeling good because I am listening to Brookes and Dunn last Rodeo on TV and sad because today officially marks one month that I have slept alone. One month down and only three more to go before my hero is home. I have not listened to country music in a long time but noticed something about their group splitting up and thought I would watch since the kids are asleep.
Okay, okay I need to get back on track. I spent all weekend making the girls pillow case dresses and decided to make matching camera strap covers. I have no idea why but I love making them.
I enjoy making them so much that I bet I have 30 setting here. So since I am feeling sad and giving makes me happy I decided to start the new week off with a giveaway.
This is a easy give away all you have to do is tell me which one you would like. I will draw the winner one week from today. Click on the camera strap picture to see all of your choices.
Feel free to come back daily and leave another comment. It will not get you extra entries but I would love it if you would take a moment to leave my hero a note of encouragement on his blog. Just click on letters to my hero to leave a comment.
Have a great week ladies and hold your husband close. Be grateful he is home with you



Suzanne said...

Ohhhhhh - I like the pink one with flowers or the blue with orange flowers or ANY of them!!

Tiffany said...

I like the light blue with green and blue flowers and the black and white one.

Christy said...

You had me at that lovely orange and blue ... Auburn all the way! War Eagle (pick me ... pick me ... I really need a camera strap!)

KellyZ said...

I love the camo one! It might even remind me to more pics for my wonderful hubby!

Katie Johnson said...

Hey Pam- ok, first things first, I like almost all of them. My favs are:
bright blue with red and pink
BURGUNDY WITH FLOWERS (is it really burgundy? it looks brown? I still like it)

Anyways, r they padded? I want to buy 2, but I need them to be padded. Also, would I be able to get some scraps so that I can make a lens cap holder? If you could email me back, that'd be great.
o k j o h n s o n (at) c h a r t e r (dot) n e t
(no spaces in the actual email)

Stacey said...

Loved your Not Me! :)
Thought I'd enter your drawing as I don't have a pretty camera strap :)
My favs (in order) are #8, #6,& #22. That's such a cool idea to add some color to cameras!
God bless you & your family :)

Kristina Torr said...

I personally like the pink one! I am a bright girl and this is nice and bold!

Kristina Torr said...

okay so I just saw the page with all of the camera straps and I would have to say my favorite are 22,8,6

beth said...

oh I think I like the paisley one.

melissa g said...

Out of the pictures on this post i like the last one! I also checked out your other blog and #4 and #5 the green stripes caught my eye.
I'd love to be entered for a chance to win one of your camera straps!

lilangelmelanie said...

I love the blue one that was last. or the first one...

BUTTTTTTTTTT how come there's an auburn one and no bama *sigh* haha

aimee said...

my fav is the bright pink and green one (number 22 i think) so cute and colorful!

sara said...

I like the first one pictured here (pink with the cool circles!)
I JUST got a new, grown up camera...and already have a red neck from it!
I'd LOVE a new ,fun strap!

Mommy2four said...

I love the polkadot one with the brown back! They are all quite beautiful! Thanks so much for the giveaway!~

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