Saturday, March 19, 2011

Do you have a emergancy plan

Do you ever dream so hard that you wake up sore from tossing and turning? That is me this morning. I dreamed that we had a house fire. It was a small fire. The dream seemed to last forever. At first we yelled fire and all of the kids hopped out of bed and ran to us just as they had been told to. But then it was like the fire was stuck in the attack and no one but me was worried. My husband called the sheriff department but refused to call 911. During my dream a friend of my husband’s came by. They stood in the living room talking while I franticly ran around the house gathering items. I grabbed our cell phones and chargers. I told the kids to get there most special thing (blanky). I made them get dressed. I knew in my dream it was just a matter of minutes before the fire department came storming in and our house was totally engulfed. At one point I walked outside to put things on the porch and noticed that a fire had started outside from someone burning there grass. It came up both sides of the house and hit my van.
During this dream I grabbed clothes for my kids, I grabbed our laptops with hard drives full of pictures. I grabbed special blankets.
What dawned on me this morning as I was thinking about this dream was I did not grabbed special paperwork, like birth certificates. I did not care about collectables or books. I cared about things that would get us through the next couple of days like clothes and things that could not be replaced like pictures.
So my question to you is are you prepared for a fire? Do you know what you would grab if you had 2 minutes and what is it?
Last fall a neighbor down the street caught there fence on fire. Last night I tried to sleep with the windows open but the smell of smoke was strong. They burn the grass here. Something about it growing in greener. It scares me and drives me batty because last night as we were making dinner there were fire trucks going down our street. It has made me realize we need to review our game plan and talk about what is important in life and in an emergency.


Life as a Convert said...

No plan here... Just a "get the kids and get out" idea.. My only way to escape would be the front door..

And heres something funny..
One of the main things I think about when I think about a house fire and losing everything is "what clothes will I have on at the time??" Because I can just picture myself dressed in the worst clothes possible. Of course it wouldnt really matter as long as we were safe..

I do have emergency kits but I need to go through them and make sure everything is up to date.

trooppetrie said...

I just know i will run out in holy clothing. I will run out with no shoes

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