Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grace's morning song

This morning my hero accidently set off the alarm. It woke up Grace and I at 5am. We are snuggling on the couch together when she asked if she could sing me a song. Here is her song.

Oh Jesus oh Jesus, will you be my son. But marry gave birth to Jesus and he is her son. He died on the cross, he made a good decision. He will be in our hearts. We would want to hear what he says. You just have to read the bible. Because of the Lord makes the son and he will come to our world. You might tell him when you are thirsty, he will listen when your thirsty, you might pray when you are sleeping. I love the name Jesus, I will do whatever you will say. For this morning I will do what you would want. I will hear what you will chose. I will hear what you want to do.
He fought in his days through the wilderness. He is not a giant but our peaceful dad.
Now she is telling me some things like:
1. You can not say rude words or God will hear them
2. What we should name our next child. (I am not pregnant)

Pamela and Grace
Relax & Surf Sunday


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