Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do you still talk on the phone

Is the phone call a lost art? Did you know that 135 years ago today Alexander Grand Bell made the very first phone call?
Today on the Today show they were talking about how no one has a “real” phone conversation anymore. All I could think is… have you ever called my house. I am addicted to talking on the phone. I love talking on the phone. I get more done talking on the phone. If you want to help me then call me. For some reason I cannot set still while I am on the phone. So I do the dishes, I clean a bedroom, I fold laundry, I organize a cabinet.
When you need information who do you go to? Well most of the time I go to my friend Becky who in return looks it up on the internet. Why I do not just go to the internet first is beyond me. No it’s not, I like having a reason to call her. I like hearing that voice.
I love twitter and facebook and text messaging but really I enjoy that one on one phone conversation. Do you remember the time when you could have a 3 way call and someone else could have a 3 way call? You would spend 20 minutes getting everyone on the phone and just start a conversation when someone’s mom would call and that person would have to hang up and the phone call starts again.
Do you remember when you had cords that were miles long and you would get wrapped up in them.
They did say something today that thrilled me. They said NOONE checks voice mail. I was so glad because I tell everyone I never check my voice mail. It is bad and I do not do it to be mean, I just am crazy by the time I get to my voice mail.
So my question is do you prefer to text or call? Do you have to watch your minutes on your cell? Do you still have a home line? We still have a home line because I love to talk? We actually have 3 home phones and guess what they are almost always dead and half the time they are lost. It drives me batty when someone calls me and I have to run and find another one before the battery in that one dies.
So what is the craziest thing you remember talking about on the phone? I remember in middle school talking to this guy on the phone and him getting excited and I could not understand why. He said “I just realized I have under arm hair”. I do not know why but I will never forget that.
So my final question for you is Can you hear me now?


Becky said...

Yes, I love to talk on the phone. Who to? YOU, mostly! Text, Yahoo messenger, even emails are ok for short quick swap of information. But there is nothing like a phone conversation to help you feel connected to a real person. So keep them coming!

Lucinda said...

I still use the phone, but probably not as much as you do. I have never really enjoyed texting. I don't still have a home phone, Me and my husband each have cell phones.

trooppetrie said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I feel so special.

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