Monday, March 14, 2011

Growing Kids God's Way

Before I start today I want to add a disclaimer. I have a horrible memory. When I write my True Story Tuesday post my intent is to be totally honest but I am sure I have forgotten the time line or key elements of the story.
This story is embarrassing. I should probably take the time to read back through my blog and make sure I have not written this before.
Several years ago my hero and I were taking a parenting class called Growing Kids God’s way. It was amazing and wonderful and we learned a lot.
We were in the middle of this course when my son was due to sing on stage at church with several other children. Several other children, whose parents were also taking this class?
Part of the class was on first time obedience and staying consistent. So that night someone put a piece of tape on the stage and asked the kids to stay on the line while they sang. The problem is the microphone was put 3 or 5 children away from my son. So slowly they sang and slowly he wanted to get closer to the microphone. Slowly they began elbowing each other so that the person beside them would move off the line. Until, they were practically fighting on the stage. Everyone else thought it was cute. As for me and the other parents in the class we knew our children had not gotten part of what we were saying. We stayed at church another couple of years and until we left we heard comments about the fight on the stage every time it was time for the kids to sing.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Kids on stage at church are always some strange cross between pride and embarrassment! They are so cute but they almost always seem to do something cringe worthy! We took GKGW years ago. It is a wonderful course!

Rachel said...

Hee hee! Isn't it crazy how kids have this sixth sense about doing things with an audience? Too funny!

Angie_vik said...

We took GKGW years ago and learned alot, although we failed with the first time obedience stuff. Maybe its time for a refresher. Though your incident was embarrassing at the time, sounds like fodder for funny family stories over the years.

trooppetrie said...

they crack me up, sometimes i want someone else to claim them

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