Sunday, March 20, 2011

No Mom talk Monday

No mom talk, Let me think about this one. This is always really hard for me but worth it in the end.
So this week I want to talk about………….birds chirping………….Today I will talk about …………man this is hard………….
Okay, okay for real I will talk about how I learned to drive. The first time I learned to drive. I was 16 and my boyfriend (
now husband) took me to a cemetery to drive his car. Let’s just say it did not go well. A year later I moved out on my own. Not just out on my own but 10 hours from home. I had bought myself a car and my mom drove it to my new home and left it for me.
A few days later I called my boyfriends mom to ask what time she was picking me up. She was going to take me driving so I could prepare for my license. She said she would see me in an hour. Thirty minutes later I should up in her drive way.
See there is something you do not know about me. I am a control freak. I decided when I hung up from talking to her that I would teach myself. I lived out in the country so I got in my car and slowly drove the back windy roads to her house.
So who taught you to drive and was it a pleasurable experience?
the Mommy Matters--No Mom Talk Monday


Courtney K said...

My mom taught me how to drive for the most part. She was a little bit nervous, but for the most part we had no issues. I consider myself to be a pretty good and cautious driver, so all together the experience wasn't bad. Thanks for linking up to No Mom Talk today!! :)

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