Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grilled Pizza

Recently my husband bought this thing that we call the BEAST. One of the first things we wanted to try was grilled pizza. I found several ways to make grilled pizza. My husband found this way.
Make your basic pizza dough, my favorite pizza dough recipe is here.
Assemble pizza as normal.
Take 2 soda cans and lay on the pizza grate and then put your pizza pan on top of them.
Close the lid and bake until done. I think it took about ten minutes.
Have you tried making grilled pizza and if so how did you do it?


Robin said...

This is a great idea and looks so yummy! Love the new grill. We need to get one this year, but I doubt it will be as plush. We've had our other one for almost 14 years, it has seen it's better days :)

trooppetrie said...

The one we had was many years old and had been repaired with a million replacement parts from used grills. I told him it saves on our electric bill because he can cook outside

Armybloggerwife said...

We haven't tried grilled pizza before, but maybe once Gunner gets back we will make it happen. I never grill while he is gone, just seems like so much work, and he's so much better at it! LOL

Tiffharmon2001 said...

We don't have a grill right now, but your post made me so hungry for pizza! I talked my husband into picking some up on his way home tonight! Hooray for no cooking!

Shopannies said...

love it grilled pizza my teens would be in heaven

KirstinMarie said...

I love BBQing pizza. I usually do mine on foil. I have never heard of using pop cans. We love to top ours with a variety of toppings, and I'll make several "personal" ones at a time. I know what everyone likes on theirs and custom make them....I need to get my grill leaned so we can start grilling again!

Carrie said...

We make grilled pizza every Friday in the summer/early fall. We roll out the dough, lay it on a piece of foil, and brush the top with olive oil. then, he takes it to the grill and lays it face (oil side) down and peels back the foil. He cooks it directly on the grates. When it gets firm/crispy enough to flip over, he does so and cooks the other side. As the bottom is cooking, he puts the sauce and other toppings on. Then, turns down the heat a bit and allows it to melt the cheese, etc. It turns out so good! A tip I have is that if you put onions or peppers on it, to lightly sautee them on the stove first, or put them in a foil packet on the grill alongside the pizza and add them toward the end. They get a little softer, and the onions aren't as strong if you do it this way.

kristin said...

umm, yum x infinity! i love pizza & this looks scrumptious!

i would love for you to link this & any other recipe to mangia monday!

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