Monday, March 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. My cycle was 5 days late. I think that is just plain wrong and my body should be punished. I think after the first negative test it should just kick in and say okay the game is over.
2. I went to the dentist this week for my initial visit. It went well and I only cried half the time. The dentist was amazing. And it looks like it will only take half a year’s pay to cover everything I need done. If you live local and need a dentist let me know. They give a referral bonus for each child and get this; they gave me that bonus four times because I brought four new patients. Can you guess who they were?
3. We (well my husband and children while I tried to nap) started planting our vegetable seeds. We should start our garden soon. I am open to any suggestions you have. I will say I am sure we are spending more to get the garden going than we would have spent to buy the veggies.
4. My hero and son are going to the mountains for a week and I am thrilled. I love that they can spend time together and build memories for a lifetime.
5. The weather here has been amazing. It was almost 80 degrees here this weekend. My children all rolled in the grass. Then they all came in with rashes all over their
Bodies and some were in pain.
6. My daughter is getting her hair cut tomorrow and if this lady does half as well as I have seen her do on a friends hair I will be thrilled.

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Rachel said...

80 degrees? Are you serious? We are hoping to hit 40 degrees today. :)

Love that you're looking at planting seeds. It's one of my favorite parts of spring.

Wonderful Miscellany.


Scather said...

Enjoy your spring!
Am now following you from the Miscellany Monday blog hop, would love a follow back ^_^

Elizabeth said...

Hey Pamela...found your blog through Carissa's...and I must say I love it! And I also have to say I'm mighty jealous of that 80 degree weather you're having! :)

Have a great week!

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