Monday, March 7, 2011

Military Monday

This week on Military Monday I want to talk about counseling. I do not talk about it often but it is on my heart. Most people do not know that you can get counseling outside of on post housing. That you can get Christian counseling. If you need counseling you can call Military one Source. You can request any type of counseling or counselor. For example you can say I want a counselor who is Baptist or Catholic counselor. You can choose someone who has green hair. The point is you tell them what kinds of things you need and they will help you find it. I have only had wonderful experiences when I have called. The great part is there are no referrals. You are not going to your primary doctor and telling them about things they do not need to know. We have seen an on post counselor when my husband came home with PTSD and the guy was okay but he was over whelmed and could not give us the time we needed and he definitely did not have the same belief system we did.
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