Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am thankful for this precious baby girl that I keep. She is two years old and brightens my day. She constantly smiles and better than her smiling is how she makes my girls smile. She walks in the house looking for them.
This week I am grateful that I get to cook for our church twice a month. I love testing out new recipes on them. I love cooking things maybe my family would not love. I love cooking large quantities.
I am thankful for our little seedlings that have poked through the dirt. Reminding me, that soon we will have a kitchen full of fresh veggies.
I am grateful for a husband who is willing to take a week off work and take my son to the mountains. Who is willing to work on his relationship with me even when I make it hard. I love that man!
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lindsie said...

pam i am grateful for a friend like you! you truly are a blessing.

Christina said...

Well said. I enjoyed this post. Thanks for the comment on my blog and as soon as I know the address fro sure I will let you know. I was reading your bio and that is adorable that you and your husband were High school sweethearts. What a neat love story. Like you God in first in my life.

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