Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet a Mil-Spouse Monday

Tell me a little about yourself.
Hi, I am Pam. I am a mom and wife. I have been a military wife longer than a mom. How weird is that. I love to cook and bake and learning to sew. I homeschool my four blessings and love it on most days, haha.
Tell me a little about your hubby.
His name is Rob or Hero as I call him on this show. He has been in the Army for 19 years. 16 years active and 3 years reserve. He has been deployed seven times. He loves to fish and shoot guns. He is a boyscout leader.
Do you have any children? If so, tell me about them.
I have four blessings. Michael is 14 years old and loves boyscouts and fencing and of course video games. Faith is 10 and is my little momma. If you walk into church you will find her carrying around someone’s baby. There should be a sign on the church door that says be prepared the blonde girl will take your baby. Hope is 8 and is my child who loves order and things in their place. She loves to be outside with the bugs and mud. Grace is 5 and the baby. She dislikes us saying she is the baby but she is. She was a preemie and between her and I we spent 11 weeks in the hospital. So she got lots of extra attention when she got home. She knows she is spoiled and most days I do not mind.
Where are you currently stationed?
We are stationed at Fort Bragg. If you ask Grace she says we are at Fort Ragg and if you want to know about it go on
If you could pick anywhere to be stationed where would it be?
Over seas anywhere. We spent three years in Germany and loved it. When we decided to homeschool I thought great we can travel. How fun to do school on the road.
Do you prefer living on base or off base?
Honest I have mixed feelings. We have only lived on post once. But now that you have to pay for electricity (yeah I know only if you go over and we always did) it is not worth the money. So would I live on post again? Maybe but it would have to be a great house. The good is that my hero could be home in a minute if I needed him but again it comes back to what you get for your buck.
What do you like to do for fun?
I love to cook and bake. I love to cook for other people. I love to hang out with friends. I have a love for scrapbooking and making cards but have not done either in a while.
What is the best advice you have ever received about being a milspouse?
To remember that the Army did not issue him a family. And that the statement hurry up and wait is really the way it works.
Do you have a tip you would like share for going through a deployment?
Set goals like what bill you can pay off. What will you do on R&R. What will you do when he gets home? Make time for yourself and ask for help. For me during one deployment I hired someone to do lawn care and for another deployment I had someone come in and clean. It made my life easier so it was worth it.
What is one trait that you have that makes you a good milspouse?
I am willing to do anything for anyone anytime. I think you need to be there for someone. Rather it be a midnight phone call or take a meal when they have sick children
Favorite thing about being a milspouse?
The people I meet and honestly the moving around. It is hard to leave friends but I LOVE moving and unpacking and organizing.
Least favorite thing about being a milspouse?
The moving and leaving friends. I wish I could move around and take my friends with me.
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Christina said...

I am learning a whole lot about you. It's so much fun. Deployed 7 times...OMG....that must be hard. My husband has only been deployed 2 and is now on his 3rd. I feel for you girl.

Sounds like you have wonderful children. I had to chuckle at the comment "be prepared the blonde girl will take your baby." That is too cute!

I've never been to Ft. Bragg but we are now at Ft. Lewis. We lived in Germany, then Ft. Lewis, then 8 1/2 years in HI and back at Lewis again. I love HI the best..who wouldn't. All my children miss it dearly. My daughter Vanessa who is 20 lives and works their still. We have a chance of going back after this deployment and will definitely take it. My son is in college in Greenville IL but he also misses HI greatly. He is with a few of his friends from HI so it's not too much culture shock.

I don't like leaving friends either...maybe that is why I have so many. I still keep in touch with almost every wife I have met over the years and we are all stationed at different areas now.

PS I love your blog.

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