Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hope is in a wonderful stage. I thought I would take a minute to tell you a little about Hope.
a. she loves bugs
b. she loves dirt and mud
c. she hates having her hair brushed
d. she loves to clean, be prepared if we visit she is going to find something to clean
e. she already worries about eating health
f. she loves fresh veggies and fruits
g. she loves to go fishing with her daddy and one day used a skinned fish as a puppet
h. she loves to wear dresses and make up
i. she loves to paint
j. she is the most organized person you will meet
k. she loves to hug, if you talk to her you are probably going to get a hug
l. she is learning to read and I love watching her light up as she learns more and more
m. she can not stand her clothes to touch her
n. she will stay outside as long as I let her, even making her own restroom out of sticks to avoid coming in
o. she loves to play with her big brother and looks up to him
p. her speach needs work and we have recently found who to help with that
q. she is sensitive and cries when her feelings are hurt
r. she use to punish herself, if I would send her to her room she would swat herself on the leg to the point of leaving whelps. Glad we are past that.
s. she struggles to look at you in the face but is getting better
t. she loves to write and taught herself to write before I had a chance
u. she is the only child in the house who has red curly hair like her mommy
v. she takes a 3 hour bath at least 3 times a week
w. she will try anything once. it could be food or a activity
x. she is a daddy's girl and he eats it up
y. she says she is going to be a vet when she grows up
z. she dresses up our dog and cat and guinea pigs.


oma said...

you are right hope is a amazing child who loves life in so many ways and just a very special child in the way she loves and the love she has for others. i smiled reading all these because it is so true. i love you hope...oma

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