Monday, March 14, 2011

No Mom talk Monday

No mom talk Monday is hard for me this week. I have been setting here thinking about what to talk about. So let me think…………….birds chirping……………… any suggestions? NO!! Well then what can I write on?
Okay, how about I write on decorating. Nope, you would not want help from me.
I know, I know, I know!! How about we talk about how we dress. How do you dress? Is it stylish, is it conservative, is it hip? Me, I dress like those ladies you see on What not to wear. Actually my dream would be to be told I was going to be on that show. Only I had 6 month warning so I would be motivated to lose weight and get healthy.
I love long skirt, I love how they feel, how they look. The problem is until last week I always wore solid color skirts. Last week I caught myself running in the rain for several minutes. The problem with this is that I was not close to home but still had places to go. So I went to my favorite stores. I went to Cato’s. I love Cato’s because they have clothes that fit me. They convinced me to buy a skirt with color. It is white with gray and black something’s on it (I think they are flowers) and turquoise flowers. I think this may be my new favorite skirt. Who knows the new me may include color or patterns in her wardrobe.
Now the bra I bought is a torcher chamber. It is made to change the straps around but it is padded (something I do NOT need) and then it has these metal hooks right in my arm pit.
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Courtney K said...

Yay for new clothes! I wear a lot of the same things too. When I look it my closet, there is mostly gray, black, and brown. I never realized that I wore mostly solids until I stopped to look. Thanks for linking up to No Mom Talk!! :)

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